Car Wrapping

Responsible car owners are well aware of the frequent mini heart attacks we all go through when our cars are scratched or scuffed by other vehicles or roadblocks. The danger of getting the car’s paint scathed by even the most ordinary of contacts is always looming over our heads. Many car owners are also left in a dilemma when it comes to changing the appearance of their cars. Changing the colour or outer appearance can do wonders and make the car feel like a brand new vehicle. But repainting is quite expensive, especially if it is being done on an old car. This is where the concept of car wrap comes in to save the day.

What is Car Wrapping?

Wrapping your car has been around for quite some time now. Originally used only for advertising purposes only, it is now gaining traction to that feature on many cars. A wrap is a vinyl covering that is applied over the vehicle’s paintwork.

Advantages of getting your car wrapped

Using a vinyl car wraps has a plethora of benefits. Not only can vinyl wrapping do wonders for the car graphics, but also has many practical advantages.

1.Easy to Remove:

You can easily remove car lamination by wrapping through products like 3M’s vinyl wrap if you decide that it doesn’t suit your taste or if you wish to get it changed. This does not damage the underlying paint in any way.

2.Makes your vehicle unique:

Cars tend to come in a slew of colours, all of which are repetitive shades. People looking for a unique look to their cars can go for attractive car graphics through vinyl wrapping and make it one of a kind.

3.Does not affect the resale value:

You may feel like such major modifications to the car will dampen its resale value but that is far from the truth. Wrapping your car has no effect on the resale value and can, in fact, keep it intact by protecting the underlying layer of paintwork.

4.Can be done on windows:

A great feature of vinyl car wraps is that they can be used on the windows as well. This ensures a complete makeover.

5.Is easy to maintain:

Wrapping your car with products like 3M vinyl wrap is extremely easy and affordable to maintain as one can simply re-apply the affected area by first sorting out the underlying paintwork.

6.Takes less time:

The installation time of vinyl car wraps is marginally lower than getting a car painted.