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Three Facts about Making Health and Safety Signs with Printers (Warning. Danger. Wet floor. Wash your hands.)

It seems like everywhere you go nowadays, you find health and safety signs warning you about potential hazards or informing you about best safety practices.
But did you ever wonder where those signs come from?
Perhaps the first image that comes to mind is a major manufacturer printing pre-made signs in big bulk orders – a thousand of the same “Caution!” signs to be plastered across different factories.
But many people are moving to making their own signs. And believe it not, doing so isn’t that hard.
Here are three major things to know about making your own health and safety signage with printers.

Fact #1: Yes, you can print your own health and safety signs. And there are several kinds of signs you can print.

Think of all the signs that you see in an industrial facility: warning signs, danger signs, caution signs, safety instruction signs, biohazard signs….
Or if you’re a restaurateur, a store owner, or a QSR franchise owner, you can print your own handwashing signs to remind your employees of the proper handwashing techniques.
Essentially, whatever sign you need, you can most likely print it yourself, while adhering to OSHA and FDA regulations about health and safety signage.

Fact #2: By using printers to create your own health and safety signs, you can save time and money and increase efficiency.

Let’s say you order a bunch of pre-made signs… but then need to make changes afterward. So now you need a whole new order of signs. Wasted money, wasted resources.
However, by using thermal transfer printers to print your own safety and health signage instead, you can save both time and money – especially if you need to, say, just print one sign for something so small as a change in a graphic.
By partnering with resellers that create software packages with hundreds (or more) of pre-existing label formats, you can save a significant amount of time. If you need to make a change, you can do it right when you need to, without any delays.
You are given a great deal of flexibility as well, and can increase your operational efficiency.

Fact #3: You can use Thought Middle East industrial and desktop barcode printers to make your own signage at a fraction of the cost.

Thought Middle East has industrial and desktop thermal transfer barcode printers that work for this specific application.
Through our partnerships with VARs that offer signage labeling software packages, end users can print whatever sign they need on vinyl material.

Desktop printers for health and safety signage

One desktop barcode printer that we’ve modified for printing health and safety signs is the TTP-345, which has a high resolution of 300 dpi printing at 5 inches per second.
By modifying the TTP-345 for this application, you can get industry-leading performance at a budget price.