Glass printing & branding

When people talk about glass printing, they are always referring to images on special printed glass films that are pasted on top of existing sheets of glass. Most glass panels or office panels are already fixed in place. There is no way to cart them off to the print shop. So the solution is to have images or photos printed on glass films which can then be stuck onto the glass panels. Modern office interiors, restaurants, shops and other commercial spaces always have large proportions of their furniture made out of glass. You have buildings with huge glass facades, offices with glass partitions and cabins and off course, windows. Glass printing on these myriad surfaces opens up a whole lot of opportunities for branding and interior decoration.

High resolution, wide format printing is our specialty at Thought MiddleEast. And rendering crisp images on printable films for glass is one of the abilities of these machines. Glass films come in rolls of 3, 4 and 5 feet. These rolls have a self-adhesive backing. Once the printing is done, the release paper / liner from the gummed back of the media, is peeled off. Trained fitters then paste this film on the glass panel with help of water and a squeegee.

Different types of glass films impart different types of properties or looks to the glass surface. For example, if you print on a transparent glass film and paste it on a glass partition, you can see what is happening on the other side of the partition. Alternatively, use a frosted window film to render your images and your finished sheet of glass, now gets a beautiful frosted, sanded effect.

Films used for glass prints are removable

Glass printing films are not very expensive. You can keep changing the look of your glass partitions, even on a modest budget. But more importantly, the adhesive / glue of glass films that we supply, do not damage the surface of the glass that they are pasted upon. So you can change the print if it does not meet with your specifications or if you get too bored looking at it. Alternatively, if you are vacating the premises, just peel the film, clean up any residual glue and the glass partition or door gets restored to its original state.

There are mainly four types of printed glass films that you can choose from. These films are categorised on the amount of transparency and the kind of look, they impart to the glass substrate they get pasted upon. At Thought MiddleEast, we provide all kinds of solutions…